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You Belong Here

Knoxville Jewish Alliance

A Place We All Belong

The Knoxville Jewish Alliance serves to promote a better world, the Jewish value of tikkun olam.  We are a gathering place for our local Jewish community for social events, cultural programs, educational and fitness classes, opportunities for charitable work, holiday celebrations, and more. We host a 3 Star-Rated preschool, popular summer camp, teen youth groups, and a beautifully renovated aquatic center. Our mission is to build community, promote Jewish culture and identity, provide assistance for those in need, and enhance community relations in East Tennessee and around the world.

What We Offer

Programs and Events that Build Community

We are a warm, welcoming space offering a variety of engaging activities and events for our diverse community. 

Highlighted Events 

For more upcoming events, see our Events page and the Community Calendar.

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